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Immediate Dentures Specialist

Cumberland Denture Center

Denture Specialist & General Dentistry located in Corbin, KY

Dentures are the perfect solution to missing teeth, but getting them can take a while. If you want dentures, but can’t deal with not having any teeth for up to 12 weeks, Paula Gill, DMD, and her Cumberland Denture Center team have the right option for you. At their office in Corbin, Kentucky, Cumberland Denture Center offers immediate dentures, which can be placed right after your teeth are removed. For more information, call the denture specialists at Cumberland Denture Center or schedule an appointment online today.

Immediate Dentures Q & A

What are immediate dentures?

When placing conventional dentures, your denture specialist first removes all the teeth from your mouth and waits 6-12 weeks for your gums and tooth-supporting bone to heal. Once your mouth fully heals, the team takes impressions of your mouth to create your dentures.

This lengthy denture process can leave you without teeth for months, which simply isn’t an option for many patients.

Unlike traditional dentures, immediate dentures are placed right after the team removes your teeth, so you can leave the office with a brand new smile that same day. Thanks to immediate dentures, you never have to go without teeth.

What are the benefits of immediate dentures?

Immediate dentures offer many benefits over their conventional counterparts, such as:

Instant results

The most important benefit of immediate dentures is that you never have to go out in public without teeth, so you can see dramatic improvements in your smile right away.

Less bleeding

Because immediate dentures are placed immediately after your teeth are extracted, they act as a bandage on top of your gums, reducing bleeding.

Better speech

It takes a minimum of 12 weeks to get conventional dentures if the team has to extract your teeth, so you must learn to speak without teeth for some time and relearn to speak with teeth once you get your new dentures. With immediate dentures, you can establish your speech patterns right away.

Facial stability

When you have missing teeth for long enough, your face can begin to look sunken as your cheeks start to cave in. Immediate dentures are placed right away, so they help you maintain your facial structure.

How are immediate dentures placed?

Your Cumberland Denture Center specialist takes impressions of your mouth before removing your teeth during the immediate denture process. This helps the team create an accurate mold for your new dentures.

At your next appointment, the team extracts your teeth and places the dentures right away. Because your mouth is still healing at this time, you must return to Cumberland Denture Center about six months after your dentures are placed to have them refitted and relined.

Immediate dentures are the ideal tooth replacement option for patients with missing teeth. Call the experts at Cumberland Denture Center or book an appointment online today to learn more.